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  • Los 138 discos que nadie te recomendó - (2017) with Ernesto Castrillón
  • Del lado beatle de la vida - (2020)



Sergio Coscia

Sergio Coscia was born in Buenos Aires in 1958. He is married and has three daughters and three grandchildren. From a young age, music and writing were intimately related in his life: a review of the Beatles film “Let it be” was his first publication in a school newspaper. At age 15 he was able to show texts to his idol, Luis Alberto Spinetta, who praised, guided and encouraged him, recommending him to Underground magazines of the time. He collaborated in rock publications such as "Twist y Gritos", zonal newspapers and radio programs, always dealing with cultural activity, music criticism, or providing scripts and production ideas.

In 2011 he opened his record store Mondo Rabioso, which quickly became a place of worship in the downtown area of Buenos Aires, where musicians, writers, journalists and a large number of music lovers of all conditions and ages converge. Her meetings on Fridays and her acoustic shows with musicians and friendly bands are already an essential part of her history. In 2016, together with the journalist Gustavo Campana and Maurto Torres, she created La La La Radio, an online station with a Spinettean thematic that broadcasts 24 hours a day, and remains active. Since then, the radio has also generated concerts and cultural events, mainly at the ECuNHI headquarters and in other rooms and theaters of C.A.B.A. In 2017, together with the journalist Ernesto Castrillón, she published with Penguin Random House, the book “Los 138 discos que nadie te recomendó”.




  • Del lado beatle de la vida - (2020)


There are books of books, of all styles, sizes and subjects. Books that arrive and impact or books that pass by in our lives as part of the sentimental landscape; books that move us, that make us cry, vibrate, dream or books that lead us to wonder about the meaning of life; books that reconstruct the lives of people we admire, books is what there is. The English to describe the timeless have a wonderful word: timelessness. At the bottom of that Anglo-Saxon word hides a large part of what Sergio Coscia has achieved with these chronicles: transcending. If a book transcends, it will be a classic from the start. Sustained with the rhetorical force of language, with the precise, indicated, adequate word, to describe what the chronicler has been portrayed for a time in the history of Argentina, a time that is not and will not be the same.

There are pertinent, painful and uncomfortable reflections on political, social, cultural, historical and conjunctural issues, with the inevitable presence of blessed background music, that which nourishes the soul of the chronicler and which has given fulfillment to his life. That is why it is not by chance that the author refers to the fact that he is on the "beatle side of life", a side that fights for truth, for justice, for empathy and for respect. A necessary book to understand one of many times in the troubled history of Argentina.




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