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  • Los 138 discos que nadie te recomendó - (2017)



Ernesto Gontrán Castrillón

A journalist and writer from Buenos Aires, he was born on August 22, 1954. History teacher with long teaching experience, he was part of the Press office of the Music Hall record label. In 1977 he began to work at the newspaper La Nación –with which he collaborated since 1973 in the Shows section–, where he participated in many sections and in the rock supplement published between 1993 and 1995. Together with Luis Casabal, he worked on the elaboration of notes historical research. He was a columnist for the magazine Todo es Historia. He also collaborated on Historia del Rock. Encyclopedia, La Argentina en el Siglo XX, El diario íntimo de un país, 100 años de vida cotidiana and other works in fascicles edited by La Nación. For ten years he was a professor in the Master of Journalism at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. In 2014, in co-authorship with Luis Casabal, he published Tras la estela de los lobos grises. Submarinos nazis en la costa argentina. With this new book he returns to his old love: record criticism, the rarer the better.


Sergio Coscia

Sergio Coscia was born in Buenos Aires in 1958. He is married and has three daughters and three grandchildren. From a young age, music and writing were intimately related in his life: a review of the Beatles film “Let it be” was his first publication in a school newspaper. At age 15 he was able to show texts to his idol, Luis Alberto Spinetta, who praised, guided and encouraged him, recommending him to Underground magazines of the time. He collaborated in rock publications such as "Twist y Gritos", zonal newspapers and radio programs, always dealing with cultural activity, music criticism, or providing scripts and production ideas.

In 2011 he opened his record store Mondo Rabioso, which quickly became a place of worship in the downtown area of Buenos Aires, where musicians, writers, journalists and a large number of music lovers of all conditions and ages converge. Her meetings on Fridays and her acoustic shows with musicians and friendly bands are already an essential part of her history. In 2016, together with the journalist Gustavo Campana and Maurto Torres, she created La La La Radio, an online station with a Spinettean thematic that broadcasts 24 hours a day, and remains active. Since then, the radio has also generated concerts and cultural events, mainly at the ECuNHI headquarters and in other rooms and theaters of C.A.B.A. In 2017, together with the journalist Ernesto Castrillón, she published with Penguin Random House, the book “Los 138 discos que nadie te recomendó”.




  • Los 138 discos que nadie te recomendó - (2017)


Curious, disobedient, Los 138 discos que nadie te recomendó is a book that all music lovers should read. Not only because it defies the established judgments of the best and most complete specialized guides and magazines, but also because it offers an original, absolutely unique journey through the last sixty years. Ignored classics, damned records, inconsequential, unclassifiable; works detested by critics and treasured by exquisite ears. Unusual creations like Music for Yoga Meditation and Other Joys by the great jazz clarinetist Tony Scott; black holes like HMS Donovan, which the recorder itself forgot to promote; or the album by the beatle himself that was treated as one of the worst contributions to rock culture. A different book, perfect to discover the forgotten sound monuments and the unknown jewels of the 20th century.




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