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  • De dioses y otros cuentos - (2018)



Members featured in the album

  • De dioses y otros cuentos - (2018)


JUAN SÁNCHEZ - Lead vocals

JUAN LEDESMA - Lead and rhythm guitar and chorus

DANILO BALDO - Bass and chorus

HOMERO ESCUDERO - Piano and synths





With several years of experience, Starosta was formed towards the end of 2009 in the province of San Luis made up of its founders Juan Ledesma and Danilo Baldo, who gave free rein to the project that was conceived from the friendship of the two musicians. From the beginning, his style was directed towards Progressive / Symphonic Rock that was fused with Funk, Jazz and Blues with psychedelic overtones.

Beyond the band's name being a tribute to “Starosta, el idiota”, the mythical song by Luis Alberto Spinetta, the band's musical influences also go through “El Flaco”. The musicians tried to keep the spirit of the legendary composer in their music and to flicker with each melody.

Over the years they left and other members arrived who put their tactic to the essence that the duo proposed. At the end of 2017 they had the opportunity to record their first album at the Casa de la Música studios in Villa Mercedes: “De dioses y otros cuentos”, which contains 9 songs of their own, written from the beginning of their training. The musicians that were part of the album were Juan Ledesma on guitar and vocals, Juan Sánchez also on guitar and vocals, Danilo Baldo on bass and vocals, Carlos Sebastián Villegas on drums and Homero Escudero on keyboards.

Starosta resisted the passage of time, endured some changes and knew how to stand in the local Rock. The official presentation of the material was in 2018 and it had a very good impact on the local public, who supported them at all times.

Initially the album was presented digitally through different platforms and after a couple of years the physical edition finally came out in 2020 thanks to the logistics of the record label Record Runner in Brazil and Melopea in our country, which makes the group is heard in different parts of the world.

The artists have a great influence from Spinetta, since they are followers of his work from the first albums until the end of “El Flaco's” career. They also expressed that their style is based on bands such as Aquelarre or Crucis, two groups that managed to define Starosta's music as Progressive Rock.

To date, the group continues with some changes within its staff, but continues to maintain all the strength and originality.




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