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  • Crucis - Todo tiempo posible yo estaré con vos - (2020)



Affectionately linked by Progressive Music for many years, Gustavo Bolasini and Felipe Abel Surkan maintain a friendship with a fervent passion for spreading everything related to the musical genre that they are passionate about. A couple of years ago, they started a new joint project venturing into writing a book about “La Historia de la Música Progresiva Argentina”  (which is still in the process of research and data collection), which leads to another book when trying to improve the data they had on the biography of Crucis. Excited with the great data obtained, Gustavo begins to pour all this new information into what would be a sketch of the book "As long as possible I will be with you." As the data collection progressed, Felipe was still working on the other project. This first sketch did not exceed 120 pages, which was insufficient to have an important edition. It was there that both were fully involved to complete all information related to the group, expand the interviews, collect all the material related to the Crucis in all periodical and current media, both in our country and abroad. The musicians who were part of each of the band's stages kindly gave us photos, posters and their juicy comments. The same thing happened with all the people who surrounded the band, who contributed important photos and testimonies. Which are reliably grateful in the book.


Gustavo Bolasini

He began with journalism specialized in Progressive Rock in 1996 in the Revista Mellotrón first as a collaborator and then as a columnist; as a correspondent for said magazine, he traveled to cover the International Progressive Rock Festival, "Baja Prog 99" in Mexicali, México. Upon returning from that influential festival, he started two projects, the realization of a festival in our country, which was specified with the "Buenos Aires Prog 99", held in November 2000 on two dates in the Capital and which had the presence of the Swedish band Anekdoten, the band

Brazilian Tempus Fugit, as well as great local artists such as Nexus, 2112, Baalbek, and Ensamble de Guitarras de Buenos Aires.

At that time, he collaborated with the magazines Progression Magazine in the United States and Subterránea in Chile.

The other project mentioned was to create the radio program "El Retorno del Gigante", dedicated to Progressive Rock of all times but with emphasis on the present, which began to be broadcast in September 2000 by 95.5 FM Patricios de Buenos Aires; almost simultaneously, it began to be delayed on 89.7 FM DRock! from Mar del Plata first and then in Zone 104 of the city of La Plata and in 95.5 FM San Isidro Labrador of the Buenos Aires town of San Isidro, (the program was on air on FM Patricios until March 2013, from April of that year it continued to be broadcast on the program's own website online until now).

He came to cover the most important progressive festivals in the world, attended the “Near Fest 2000” in New Jersey (United States), the “Valparaíso 2000” Festival and another in Santiago de Chile, as well as the “Rio Art Rock Festival” in the editions 2003 and 2008, an event held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), in addition to an important concert at the Sala Zitarrosa in Montevideo (Uruguay) in 2011, among many others that took place in our country.

He also ventured as producer of numbers and progressive festivals such as the one mentioned above, he was co-producer of the presentation of the Dutch band Focus for the first time in Argentina at the Teatro Astral in 2003.

In 2004 he was the coordinator of the capital dates of the “Re Unión” event that brought together the Tucumán bands Trícupa, Redd and Tango at the IFT theater (as well as in his province). He co-produced with Felipe Surkan and Ernesto Mariotti a cycle of progressive shows at the Teatro IFT during 2005, which included the shows of Jinetes Negros, Amagrama, 2112, Ünder Linden, among other artists; in addition to the 2004 “Buenos Aires Art and Rock International Festival” that featured the Mexican band Cast, as well as the Argentines from Chaneton and Atempo.

Also that year he published three short stories in the book compiled by new authors "Letras del Mundo Tomo Uno" in Editorial Nuevo Ser.

In 2012 he began with the production of the television version of El Retorno del Gigante on the YouTube channel of the radio program. Currently, it continues with monthly broadcasts through podcast of the radio program and developing the project “Esto Es Rock Argentino Clásico” with the complete history of Rock in the country that is broadcast on the YouTube channel in successive serial programs. Also in the writing with Felipe Surkan of another specialized book.


Felipe Abel Surkan

He born in Quilmes city and linked to music since he can remember. In his first years of life, thanks to his mother, he grew up listening to The Beatles, Paul McCartney and the Rock of the time. In 1974 the first Progressive Rock vinyls arrived at his house: Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, and others that soon entered his life with fury without ever abandoning this genre.

He grew up in an environment full of old iron, due to his father's work (deposit of used iron). From the age of 13 he began work in that place. In the 90's he joined the Plastic Arts, starting a rapid and ascending career as a sculptor, achieving a meritorious position at the national level in this discipline. While making his sculptures, he always listened to Progressive Music. It was thus, that in the middle of that decade, he discovered the regrowth of the genre worldwide.

He was a listener to the specialized radio program "La Llave Oculta", but its abrupt ending, ventured him to have his own space on a local radio station. The "Immobile Traveler" program began in October 1998.

he contacted specialized labels from other parts of the world and also local musicians. Thus he was discovering and investigating everything about Argentine Progressive Rock, which he had ignored for many years.

But a magical play of fate, led him to change the course of his life. Thanks to the owner of a Hungarian label, who asked him to exchange his material for that of Argentine bands, a CD distributor was born in August 1999. With only 3 bands: Tanger, Sergio Álvarez and A-Tirador Lásica, this is how VIAJERO INMÓVIL DIFFUSION was created. : a distributor of CDs of independent Argentine Progressive groups. The first exchanges were to increase his collection, then he brought for his music friends and finally he offered them to specialized record stores. In 2000 she traveled to the Baja Prog Festival in Mexico, where she met the owners of the main specialized labels in the world, strengthening her relationship with all of them. Upon her return, the radio program had already ended, but she continued to exchange CDs.

At the beginning of 2002 the idea arose to create VIAJERO INMÓVIL Records, a label dedicated exclusively to Argentine Progressive Music. After its first edition on CD (Hyacintus-Elydian-March 2002), it gradually increased its catalog. To date, it has more than 85 productions, which position it as the main label specialized in this musical genre within our country, being highly respected internationally by its colleagues.

His restless life leads him to constantly start new projects, like this one, writing a book without having sufficient knowledge of storytelling, but aware that his passion for musical research is one of his greatest virtues.




  • Crucis - Todo tiempo posible yo estaré con vos - (2020)


What is it that makes a Progressive Rock group from a remote country like Argentina considered a cult band all over the world?

Less than 70 minutes of music contained in two albums (Crucis from 1976 and Los Delirios del Mariscal from 1977) were enough for Crucis to become one of the greatest representatives of the genre in this corner of the planet.

Much was written about their music and the quality of their members as instrumentalists, but the ephemeral nature of their public career hides behind the Crucis many questions about how they reached the artistic level that is recognized or how was the genesis of this quartet that, still today, it continues to arouse admiration and even fanaticism.

Gustavo Bolasini and Felipe Surkan delve into the history of the group with the rigor of anthropologists to discover the origins that led Crucis to mark an important epoch in the history of Argentine Progressive Music.

Through the testimonies of its protagonists and surveys of interviews from different times, Crucis, Every possible time I will be with you, is an exciting biographical and analytical journey that, after reading it, invites you to listen to those amazing 70 minutes of music contained in his only two albums.

Carlos Salatino




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