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  • Yo soy Buenos Aires - (1999)
  • Arco Iris - Música y filosofía en los inicios del rock argentino - (2021)




Fabio Scartuchio

He was born in Buenos Aires on March 20, 1965.

Film director, he has made films and video clips with historical Argentine rock, such as Litto Nebbia, Arco Iris, Raíces with Andrés Calamaro, Manal Javier Martínez, Moris and José Luis Fernández, among others.

Journalist specialized in Argentine rock. He has served as a producer, director and host of radio and television programs, including La Avispa for more than ten years, where the most important groups on the national scene played.

He wrote in Pelo magazine. As a director, he was the director of Borges en porteño, Soldados de la Paz, filmed in Cyprus, where he served as a war correspondent. He has made documentaries that aired in France, Italy, and Poland. He has served as a producer and manager for several historic Argentine rock groups. He was executive producer of Rock Argentino en Estado Sinfónico presented at the Coliseo Theater with the participation of important national rock figures.

As a record producer he has made the album Pensá Positivo, by Manal Javier Martínez. Author of the book I am Buenos Aires conversations with Javier Martínez. He is currently producing a documentary about the band Arco Iris and in pre-production making two documentaries, one with an important Argentine rock figure and the other with a reference to tango.




  • Arco Iris - Música y filosofía en los inicios del rock argentino - (2021)


Arco Iris, music and philosophy in the beginnings of Argentine rock, is the official book of the group Arco Iris, the band formed at the end of the 60s by the teenagers Gustavo Santolalla, Ara Tokatlian and Guillermo Bordarampé, who would be joined more ahead Dana, his spiritual guide, and Alberto Cascino on drums, later replaced by the definitive drummer of the band Horacio Gianello.

This book is the product of an extensive work by the journalist Fabio Scartuchio, who together with the members compiled in this complete book the history, the photos, the testimonies of all its members, their music and philosophy, novel for him, as It was the vegetarianism, the practice of yoga and the community life of this important pioneer band of Argentine rock.

Fifty years after its formation, its members continue to develop an important career. The first drummers dedicated to other professions: Alberto Cascino in justice, Horacio Gianello, dedicated to teaching the drums. The founding members, based in the United States. Ara Tokatlián continued with Arco Iris recording and playing; He has also participated in recordings and concerts with important American musicians. Guillermo Bordarampe dedicates himself to Inca music with his Inca group doing concerts and tours throughout the country. Gustavo Santaolalla developed as a soloist. He devoted himself to composing film music, winning two Oscars, and has produced a significant number of Grammy Awards.

In this book they tell us about their beginnings with music, the anecdotes and the intimacies of their shows and their hits, such as Country Morning, which became an anthem for the youth of the '70s and is already a music classic Argentina.




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