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  • Rock pesado y psicodelia (1995-2020)



Carlos Noro

He was born in San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Buenos Aires, in 1979. He has a degree in Social Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires and is a Professor of Literature. Since 2006 he has been working as a journalist for media outlets such as Jedbangers, Artezeta and The Dark Side (Uruguay) among others and was the press officer for the Argentine presentations of Truckfighters and Dark Tranquility. He currently manages Corpus, a communication project oriented to the Social Economy and is a high school teacher. Since 2003 he directs Wish You Were Here a digital journalistic project that has given rise to almost all the proposals that appear in this work.


Facundo Llano

He was born in Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires, in 1989. Since 2007 he has developed his career as a music journalist in publications such as El Acople, Jedbangers, Wish You Were Here, Rocktambulos, Racing Stoner and La Heavy (Spain). He is co-founder of the production company Convergen, which works with bands like Yawning Man, Exhumed, Beyond Creation, Taura, Poseidotica and Hablan por la Espalda, among others. He currently hosts the Rock Literature podcast.




  • Rock pesado y psicodelia (1995-2020)


In the early 1990s, in the hot desert of California, a band called Kyuss led a movement that spawned a new genre of music that combined heavy rock and psychedelia with high levels of distortion, which they dubbed stoner. Almost at the same time, thousands of kilometers away, in Buenos Aires, a group of musicians founded Los Natas, which took that raw sound as an influence and proposed an urban and pampas version. They were the beacon of a generation, they encouraged many others to join this self-managed and independent adventure and achieved what seemed unattainable: taking their sound on tour around the world, becoming one of the most famous Argentine bands outside their country. This book tells how that seed planted, literally, in the middle of the desert, flourished and bore fruit in a concrete jungle through the testimonies of members of Los Natas, Poseidotica, Dragonauta, Taura, Sick Porky, Buffalo, Smoke from Cairo, Banda de la Muerte, Sutrah and Sauron, among others, who forged the stoner movement and the renewal of heavy music in Argentina at the beginning of the 21st century.




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