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  • La Barca - (2002)
  • Eclosión - (2011)



Members featured in the album

  • La Barca - (2002)


HUGO GRACÍA - Guitarss

RUBÉN RODRIGUEZ - Bass and vocals

RONALD BOETTNER - Drums and percussion

PABLO GÓMEZ - Keyboards

JOSÉ MARÍA BLANC - Keyboards and vocals



Members featured in the album

  • Eclosión - (2011)


JOSÉ MARÍA BLANC - Keyboards, guitars and vocals

JUAN CARLOS LOURO - Lead guitar and chorus

MARIO RAMOS - Rhythm guitars and chorus

RUBEN RODRÍGUEZ - Bass and chorus


RONALD BOETTNER - Drums and percussion




Some years ago, what it began as a gathering of friends who longed to return to play in a Rock band, led to the formation of La Barca, name that features direct port city of Rosario as reference. Comprised of musicians with experience and background in different Rosario bands (Sygma, Spirit, Pablo el enterrador, Otoñal, Irreal, etc.), La Barca has a musical style rooted in the rich compositions of Symphonic Rock. Among the musical influences, La Barca chooses legendary world of Prog Rock bands like Pink Floyd, Yes, Supertramp, Queen, Genesis, etc. Different scenarios in Rosario were conducive to the live performance of La Barca, standing out among several others Lavardén, Monumento a la Bandera, Asociación Médica, Rambla Cataluña, etc.

La Barca is one of the few bands that provide a complete live show, accompanied by excellent light plant, lasers, special effects, sound and optimal participation as guest musicians, actors and dancers.

Their first study CD was presented to the public between March and April 2002, bearing the same name of the band "La Barca".

The second album called " Eclosión" was released in 2011, also independently.




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