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  • Anabelas -  (1978)



Members featured in the album

  • Anabelas -  (1978)

DANIEL ANDREOLI - Composer and arrangements

PETTY GUELACHE - Leader vocals and chorus



WIN FORSMAN - Tenor sax and lyrics

EDUARDO ROGATTI - Guitar and effects

EDGARDO “Fleke” FOLINO - Bass and effects

EDUARDO “Polo” CORBELLA - Drums and percussion




Originally with Miguel Zavaleta on vocals, Bubu played several amusing performances during 1976. When they finally went to studios, they changed the vocalist.

They only played (and recorded) a 40-minutes piece -divided in three acts- called “Anabelas”, composed by Daniel Andreoli, who actually never played with the group. Mostly an instrumental opus, “Anabelas” has strong influences in Progressive Jazz like Mahavishnu Orchestra's, the Frank Zappa’s “Grand Wazoo”, and the madness of Gong, all blended with humour. Overall it was a good LP, though the live performances were much better.

The group split before the album late release.

In 2016, about 38 years later, with the original composer, but with a new squad of musicians, Bubu returned with a renewed sound that at the same time evokes his masterpiece. On this lap they released a three-song EP that was called "Resplandor".

The way of working this material remained the same. The music comes from a composer (Andreoli) and is transmitted to the interpreters chosen by him.

This short duration was recorded in December of 2015 in the Sonoteca, under the production Pedro Chalkho and the band. He mixed it Chalkho and was masterizado in Study Titanio by Ezequiel Morfi. As invited artists Pablo Murgier participated in keyboards and Aníbal Domínguez in flute.




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