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TLÖN Discography Tlön (2008) Tlön vol. II (2010) Tlön vol. III (2012) - (LP) Members featured in the album Tlön (2008) CHRISTIAN VAN LACKE - Guitar and vocals MARCOS COIFMAN - Bass WALLO ANDREO CARRILLO - Drums Gust musicians: TAVO CASTILLO - Flute and steel guitar RICHI COPAIRA - Flute MIGUEL A. YANCE - Organ OLIVER CASTILLO - Cello ALEX NATHANSON - Acoustic guitar and vocals FRANCISCO MELGAR - Organ Members featured in the album Tlön vol. II (2010) CHRISTIAN VAN LACKE - Guitar and vocals MARCOS COIFMAN - Bass WALLO ANDREO CARRILLO - Drums Members featured in the album Tlön vol. III (2012) - (LP) CHRISTIAN VAN LACKE - Guitar and vocals MARCOS COIFMAN - Bass WALLO ANDREO CARRILLO - Drums This South American hybrid comes with pedigree. In an imperfect way, TLÖN is the continuation of Peruvian/Argentine psyche rockers Tarkus who back in 1972 released a now legendary limited self-titled release. To put things in perspective, Tarkus is in Tlon's DNA as the latter's line up includes Tarkus' drummer Walo Carrillo (also of Los Holys and Telegraph Avenue) and guitarist/vocalist Christian Van Lacke, son of Tarkus' bassist Guillermo Van Lacke. Rounding out the band is bassist Marcos Coifman (today Cesar Bustamante). It may have been chance or it may have been destiny, but a brief 2007 reunion of Tarkus would set the wheels of Tarkus into motion. To say that TLÖN's sound is retro is an understatement. The band sort of continues in the blues based space gazing style that Tarkus crafted so well. In a current context, most of the tunes follow the same revivalist path kicked off by bands like Witchcraft and Graveyard. In other words, this impeccable recording is firstly influenced by blues based rock, then by early hard rock and to a lesser degree, by psychedelic rock. Van Lacke, as a guitarist, has mastered the art of playing to the song's benefits. Each note he touches serves a touching purpose. If there is a progressive rock undercurrent (which certainly there is) feeding this promising band it almost goes unnoticed due to the lack of excess in Van Lacke's playing. As a result the brevity of their songs (none go over the four minute mark) are more efficient. This is notable, especially in the psyche rock scene where bands are making a habit out of aimless jamming. And Van Lacke's guitar playing is as subdued as his fragile vocalizing. He phrases his words so faintly and androgynously that they are translucent. His musical control seems to be playing with our psyche and it extends to his voice. Van Lacke's vocal approach gives Tlon this ghostly esoteric sensation that serves as perfect contrast to certain psychedelic flares. Together, Tlon sounds like a wicked trio given birth in an English cave back in 1973. On a curious note, during my brief conversations with Van Lacke, he gave much credit to the influence of his father's band, Black Sabbath and a host of Argentine cult bands like Pescado Rabioso, Color Humano and Aquelarre. Special mention should go to the production job by the band. It is perfect. It emphasizes the organic warm and rich tones of the blues. There is a lack of fuzz that I find surprising and wise and that lets some acoustic/psychedelic details/nuances make themselves present. The heaviness of TLÖN is calming instead of disrupting. Unlike most rock bands, Tlon play timeless heavy music that is soothing, profound, elegant and moving.