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  • Discografía Ruedas de metal - (1981)
  • Macadam 3...2...1...0 - (1981)
  • Contenidos - (1982)
  • En acción - (1983)
  • Epico - (1984)
  • VII - (1985)
  • Riff 'n' roll - (1987)
  • Pappo-Jaff-Vitico-Moro - (1987)
  • Década - (1990)
  • Zona de nadie - (1992)
  • Palladium '86 - (1992)
  • Clásico - (1995)
  • En vivo en Obras - (1996)
  • Que sea rock - (1997)



Members featured in the album

  • Ruedas de metal - (1981)



MICHEL PEYRONEL - Drums and vocals





Members featured in the album

  • VII - (1985)


NORBERTO "PAPPO" NAPOLITANO - Guitar, synthesizer and vocals

 JUAN ANTONIO FERREIRA - Rhythm guitar and vocals

VITICO - Bass and vocals

OSCAR MORO - Drums and percussion


Members featured in the album

  • Pappo-Jaff-Vitico-Moro - (1987)


NORBERTO "PAPPO" NAPOLITANO -  Guitar and vocals

 JUAN ANTONIO FERREIRA - Guitar and vocals






«Something new was taking place, there was no doubt about it. The words "heavy-metal" became more and more common, the metal concerts started to attract kids dressed as motorcycle riders, in other words, with their clothes and things: leather jackets, boots, jeans, belts and the always present chains and metal buttons (...) They also had the hand made corns and all the paraphernalia of satanic references. All this contributed to create a mystic and ceremonial atmosphere at the concerts and, at the same time, it outlined the characteristics of what was coming next: loud, violent, aggressive music, suitable for that time.» (F.Blumetti / C.Parise.). On November 14 1980 a concert was organized under the following name "Bye |Pappo´s Blues|, Welcome Riff". In this way this band, successor of |Pappo|’s first band, was born and it changed the view of the heavy rock radically The first album ("Ruedas de metal", 1981) was recorded without Haymmes and it was widely promoted, not only on the radio, but also through ATC (TV Channel 7). Although they had already played with Plus, their first show alone in Obras was held in December 1981, when they presented "Macadam...", the second album. At that moment the long hair, the leather clothes and the metal buttons were typical symbols of the band, as well as the aggressiveness toward the rest of the musicians. The violence that characterized the group started there. Their growing success and their show on stage got deeper in 1982: they played again in Obras, participated in the B.A.Rock Festival and the movie film there and they recorded their third LP, "Contenidos", with the popular songs "Susy Cadillac" and "La pantalla del mundo nuevo". In La Falda '83 they performed one of their best shows, according to the newspapers of the moment. In March 1983 Danny Peyronel joined the group, keyboardist brother of Michel, who came from the USA. Their first performance as quartet took place in April, at Obras Stadium, where they recorded a double live album, later called "En acción". In those concerts the most violent scenes in the history of the Argentine Rock took place: the newspapers called it a "scandal" and more than 150 people were arrested. Then Riff was called the "evil group" and all the heavy-metal was considered violent by nature. «Only if I took out a chain on stage, I did that because I cam from countries where there was no repression. A way to fight repression was for me to hit things with the chain. I broke guitars, made a terrible mess on stage and the people started to come», stated |Pappo|-Michel Peyronel who also added: «The basic history of Riff does not call for violence, but hardness. Youth has an incredible energy that cannot be denied. They are ways of enjoying of having a good time». Trying to change his image, he organized a concert in Ferro stadium, with Los Violadores as opening band, called "Riff ends the year without chains". That 17 of December there were also some incidents that made the show end before planned. The critics increased, making it impossible for the band to give a concert without being associated with the word violence. Danny Peyronel went back to the USA, Boff started rehearsing with the group Boxer and Pappo went back to his solo career, as well as Michel. Unofficially, Riff was virtually finished. In 1985 they organized the return of the band, with |Pappo|, Vitico, Juan Antonio Ferreira "JAF" (guitar and voice) and Oscar Moro (drums). Without changing thier style too much, the recorded the album "VII" and they presented it in Obras, without the repercussion of other times. They performed some shows in pubs and discotheques, with Jota Morelli in drums, and they started a new stage of internal fights which ended up with anew break-up of the group. With shows in Obras, Riff was born again in 1990. « Riff leaves and returns when it wants», explained Michel.



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