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LALO HUBER Discography Lost in Kali Yuga (2009) Members featured in the album Lost in Kali Yuga (2009) LALO HUBER - Keyboards, Hammond organ, pianos, synths, bass, acoustic guitar and vocals LUIS NAKAMURA - Drums, bells and percussion Lalo Huber is NEXUS's co-founder, composer, keyboard player and vocalist. With NEXUS, Lalo Huber issued the following albums: Detrás del Umbral (1999), Metanoia (2001), Live at NearFest 2000 (2002), Perpetuum Karma (2006) and Buenos Aires Free Experience (2007). With the experimental band "SUBLIMINAL", Lalo issued the album "Limbo Experiment" (2008), based on a mix of compositions and improvisations. Also with NEXUS, Lalo participated in Colossus-Musea Projects "Odyssey", "Treasure Island", "Inferno" and "Purgatorio". Lalo finally produced his first solo album "Lost in Kali Yuga" in june 2009. In "Lost in Kali Yuga" Lalo takes on vocals and plays all instruments (Hammond organ, electric pianos, synthesizers, acoustic guitar and bass guitar), except for drums & percussion, played by best friend and guest musician Luis Nakamura.