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  • The great prophecy of a small man - (CDr) - (2010)
  • Crysis - (2014)



Members featured in the album

  • The great prophecy of a small man - (CDr) - (2010)


LIONEL ZIBLAT - Vocals, acoustic, electric & Spanish guitars, keyboards, bass, sample sequences and percussion instruments

EMIEL DE JONG - Soprano, high and tenor sax, clarinet and vocals

BAS WIEGERS - Violin and vocals

VERA VAN DER BIE - String section

ILSE EIJSINK - Clarinets




Members featured in the album

  • Crysis - (2014)


LIONEL ZIBLAT - Piano, keyboards, electric guitars, synth & midi programming, sound-collage and vocals

TRISTAN HUPE - Keyboards

MAARTEN BAKKER - Bass guitar and keyboards



YAEL SHACHAR - Violins and viola

JURRIAAN BERGER - Keyboards  and midi programming


EMIEL DE JONG - Soprano, alto & tenor saxophones

SANNE VOS - Sopranino, soprano, alto & tenor sax and bass recorders

ANNA ZEIJLEMAKER - Flutes and alto flute



Starting as composer Lionel (Lonny) Ziblat's idea Modest Midget combines his love for Rock with his passion to classical music, theatre, film music and different folklore styles.

With this virtual band in mind he recorded an album which ended up growing into a real life band, a group of fine musicians that manage to bring this slightly weird sounding music to life in the form of a rock show. 

Modest Midget is a project of Lionel Ziblat, a Argentinian born trained musician who lives in The Netherlands. Son of a pianist mother and a rock 'n roll father, he studied at the Utrecht Conservatory for eight years, topped with an MA degree on classical composition. In parallel, he also studied jazz guitar and orchestral conducting. Based on this, he is very active working as a composer (classical, jazz, film music, close-harmony choirs), arranger and conductor with various ensembles and theatre productions.

Still, he likes contemporary music, and as part of that he has his own band Modest Midget, which has been compared to Gentle. Not surprising, given the name of the band and the style of music they play. An intricate mix of Jazz, powerful guitar rock, Spanish guitar, but also Middle Eastern (Israeli) sounds can be heard in the music, often as part of one track. On some tracks the vocals choruses do indeed resemble Gentle Giant, but the music is more modern and contains many influences other than progressive rock.

On the debut album The Great Prophecy of a Small Man , most of the basic Rock instruments (guitar, vocals, percussion, bass guitar) are played by Lionel Ziblat himself, while guest musicians join on various instruments - some named, some deliberately anonymous.

His second album dates from 2014 and "Crysis" was titled.


Information: Official site of Modest midget