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ALBERTO FAVERO Discography Suite Trane (1969) Este es el año que es (1971) Classical Trópico (1987) Favero y la Banda. Esta nevando en Bs. As. (1988) Alberto Favero Vol. II (1990) New Age Piano Solos (1991) El Leiv motiv (1992) Homenaje a George Gershwin. Alberto Favero Trio y otros intérpretes (1992) Qué es eso que llaman Jazz (1994) Favero- Gerswhin/ Porgy & Bess en Concierto (2002) Benedetti Favero/ en vivo (2002) Members featured in the album Suite Trane (1969) ALBERTO FAVERO - Piano Orquesta: JOSÉ GRANATA - Trumpet TOMÁS LEPERE - Trumpet RUBÉN BARBIERI - Trumpet EMILIO MARTINO - Trumpet ROBERTO FATS FERNÁNDEZ - Trumpet GUSTAVO BERGALLI - Trumpet and fluegelhorn DOMINGO GARREFA - Horn ARMANDO IZZI - Horn ABEL LA ROSA - Trombone JORGE RAMÍREZ - Trombone CHRISTIAN KELLENS - Trombone JORGE RODRÍGUEZ - Tuba LUIS CHACHI FERREIRA - High sax HORACIO CHIVO BORRARO Tenor sax OSCAR TISSERA - Tenor sax MARIANO GRISGLIONE - Baritone sax BERNARDO BARAJ - Soprano sax JORGE GONZÁLEZ - Double bass RAÚL CURI - Double bass POCHO LAPOUBLE - Drums MINGO MARTINO - Drums ERNESTO RINGER - Percussion Alberto Favero was born in La Plata, Argentina, in 1944, at a musicians home. His father, Fermín Valentín Favero, a well known music teacher -who founded the first music academy specialized in popular music forms and instruments in Argentina, growing eventually to 17 branches countrywide and reaching hundreds of pupils - and his mother, a singer and music instructor also, were his first teachers. In 1961, at seventeen, he received the "New Figure Prize", awarded by the "Center for Specialized Studies in Jazz" of Buenos Aires, directed by Walter Thiers. In 1963 he graduated with a "Special Bachelors Degree in Music" from the Superior School of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata. In 1968 he obtained a degree as Piano Professor and in 1973 as Composition Professor, both from the Department of Arts and Audio-visual Media from the National University of La Plata. His teachers, among others, were Luis Gianneo, Wilhem Graetzer, Alicia Terzián, Carlos Berardi, Nidia Berardi de Aragón, Ljerko Spiller, Earnest Epstein, Valdo Sciamarella, Enrique Gerardi, Edgar Willems and Marguerite Croptier. Alberto Favero's production is very diverse, and it has been reflected in a variety of musical fields. They can be grouped, however, in three main categories: - Concerts and recitals. - Setting poems to music (songwriting). - Musical Theater (Shows, musical comedies, opera, ballet and related multimedia productions). Information: