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  • Come ranas - (2014)



Members featured in the album

  • Come ranas - (2014)


HERNÁN HAYET - Bass and springs





AZUCENA LOSANA - Live visuals

CARO ANDREETTI - Live visuals




For lovers of sonic exploration, the tireless seekers of sounds, those people who do not settle out to see bands Rock prefabricated themed to predictable, the Rock of manual that many argue to die for those who do not look or listen to the side where you do most and put to more fully investigate the spectrum of sounds that unfolds before our noses. To them was born PHOTO. A quartet of improvisation, hard to pigeonhole into any particular genre, but we could hear the influences of Jazz, Punk, experimentation and the Avant-garde. At live performances of this quartet, are added as members, parts, elements two women, which complete the journey and the concept that conveys the band, but with light, images, slide shows, flashlights, magnifying glasses as part a complementary visual arsenal. The live show recalls the happenings of the 60s. The most interesting thing is the music that we have not heard, is the surprise effect that causes certain sound or stage action. So being a group improvisation the surprise effect is multiplied, and that even the musicians are surprised cohesion spontaneous music. Some issues do not seem to be improvised, but it would lose out and all grace. The gestures of the end of each chapter PHOTO of your presentation show that these sounds are being created at the time. That creativity is admirable. Make full tracks, shaped or not, depending only on the established chemistry between its members, their energy is really worth noting. His debut album (Come ranas - 2014) already in specialized record stores while we wait attentive reoperation.




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