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  • Alma de diamante - (1980)
  • Los niños que escriben en el cielo - (1981)
  • Bajo Belgrano - (1983)
  • Madre en años luz - (1984)



Members featured in the album

  • Alma de diamante - (1980)

LUIS ALBERTO SPINETTA - Guitars and lead vocals

BETO SATRAGNI -Bass and vocals



HÉCTOR "POMO" LORENZO - Drums and percussion


Members featured in the album

  • Los niños que escriben en el cielo - (1981)


LUIS ALBERTO SPINETTA -Fender & Gibson guitars with MXR digital delay and vocals

DIEGO RAPOPORT - Rhodes & Yamaha pianos and OBX-8

LEO SUJATOVICH - Multimoog, minimoog, Arp Omni and OBX-8

FRANK OJSTERESK - Ibañez bass with Audiarts parametrics EQ

HÉCTOR "POMO" LORENZO - Gretsch drums and percussion


Members featured in the album

  • Bajo Belgrano - (1983)


CÉSAR FRANOV - Bass and Fretless bass


LEO SUJATOVICH - Yamaha acoustic and electric piano, Rhodes piano, Prophet V and Synergy

LUIS ALBERTO SPINETTA - Guitar and vocals


Guest musician:



Members featured in the album

  • Madre en años luz - (1984)


CÉSAR FRANOV - Peavey bass


JUAN CARLOS "Mono" FONTANA - Yamaha Grand, Yamaha DX7, OBX-8, Oberheim and Moog The Source

LITO EPUMER - Gibson 175 and Tele Fender guitars

LUIS ALBERTO SPINETTA - Roland poliphonic guitar, programming and vocals


Guest musicians:


PEDRO AZNAR - Programming




Jade is the group that is Luis Alberto Spinetta Invisible after the dissolution of and parallel to the reunion of Almendra. While musically continues the style Invisible, Jade deepened the complexity of the compositions.

The debut took place May 3, 1980, with Emilio del Guercio and Eléctrica Rioplatense, in the Obras Sanitarias Stadium. "Alma de diamante", the first album, was presented at the same stage in August and in September returned to the Rock Cathedral for a concert with Seru Giran, considered by critics as "the musical event of the year". It was a historical fact that two groups of similar magnitude were simultaneously on stage. The show began with Spinetta singing the subject of Sui Generis "Cuando ya me empiece a quedar solo". Then the darkness came Charly with the theme "Que ves el cielo". Under a fervent climate, Lebón performed "Música del alma" and then went all others: Aznar and Moro, on the one hand, Spinetta, Pomo, Satragni and Rapoport and Del Barrio on the other. The concert closed with the two groups on stage performing "El mendigo en el andén" and"Crisálida".

Spinetta Jade's performance was highly applauded, despite its difficult style. It was notorious Spinetta effort to achieve greater simplicity in his music, so that the audience could understand his message works. Seru Giran, however, was cheered from the start, revealing the incredible "feeling" that had with people.

The growing success of the band was temporarily slowed by the segunto return Almendra (the first group of Spinetta) and subsequent national tour that culminated in the Festival de La Falda, on 15 February 1981. In the middle of that year they recorded the second plate, "Los niños que escriben en el cielo", filed on Dec. 5 in Obras Stadium.

From 1982 presentations this band became more sporadic due to solo work Spinetta, who released two albums: "Kamikaze" (1982) and "Mondo di cromo", 1983. Just this paper was presented at the Teatro Coliseo together to "Bajo Belgrano", the third album of Jade. The next album the group would be "Madre en años luz", which was performed live for the first time at concerts organized by the Municipality of Buenos Aires in the Barrancas de Belgrano, in the summer of 1985, with Pedro Aznar as a guest and before 20,000 people. The presentation of this album at Luna Park in May, marked the end of the band.




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