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  • Gualicho turbio - (LP) - (2015)



Members featured in the album

  • Gualicho turbio - (LP) - (2015)


JUANJO HARERVACK - Vocals and maracas


ZELMAR GARÍN - Monkey-man: Guitar, bombo, redoblante, kazoo and vocals



The loudness of Gualicho Turbio becomes from very touched several aspects, but little investigated in our Argentina. The training consists of a singer who runs maracas, an harmonica amplified by guitar equipement and a monkey-man band; this means that he runs with his snare drum and feet, electric guitar with his hands and his mouth sings, runs the kazoo and harmonica.

The type of compositions bordering on austere Folk-Blues, the electric Blues, Chicago type, non-commercial in the early 50's. Also revalued aesthetic and timbre of what was and is the Garage movement, born in the sixties wild, which among many things using the distinctive sound of guitar fuzz, the shapes of the songs sometimes hypnotic or make a symbol Punk than anticipated.

All this is by way of imitation. This sound underworld created a kind of distinctive, original sound that is difficult to classify only in the above detailed genres.

In the manner of New Orleans Mardi Gras or Parque Patricios in concert depart characterized as Possessed, Shaman and Diablo, flour draw a cross between the band and the people present.

The album has some 13 own songs where thorough sound production of each of the elements outlined in the compositions of the trio is made.



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