Viajero Inmóvil - Difusión de grupos progresivos independientes

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  • 1974 - (2015)



Members featured in the album

  • 1974 - (2015)


SERGIO CHOTSOURIAN - Guitar, bass, piano, keyboards and vocals


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Born in 1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Biker, guitarist, singer, author and composer, artistic producer, Metal warrior and pampa land, graphic designer, cover artist and father of two children. Founder of the legendary Argentine band Los Natas in 1994, the Toba Trance and group Solodolor together with Billy Anderson and Gustavo Rowek. Creator of  the concert series Viernes verde, Motoclub Bar and the musical movement South American Sludge!.

Bassist, guitarist, pianist and singer of his new band Ararat and composer of music for the films "“La plegaria del vidente”, “El estudiante” and “Los salvajes”.  It was part of the Stoner family in the 90's when Frank Kozik and Man's Ruin Records invited him to join the California guerrilla for the first album of his recording career; "“Los Natas - Delmar”. Debut album and first appearance of Los Natas, who soon would be very well received and recognized in the scene, marking a place in the world for an Argentina band within a newly emerging global movement; with bands like Kyuss, Queens of the Stoneage, Nebula, Turbonegro, Eyehategod, Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin, Circle and Colour Haze.

Since then he has worked with labels and bands from all over the world, released their albums on CD and vinyl format, and taken his music to the most remote places in festivals, tours and tours throughout Argentina, USA and Europe. In addition to conceptualizing, learning, sharing and working in the studio with friends and compadres as Dale Crover, Billy Anderson, Patricio Claypole, Tim Green, Stefan Koglek, Justin Weiss, Tom Baker and Villagra family.

Currently is dedicated to his new band Ararat, to his solo career, recording and producing new bands, and the creation of the record label South American Sludge! Records.



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