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  • El cuento de las manos heladas - (CDr) - (2016)



Members featured in the album

  • El cuento de las manos heladas - (CDr) - (2016)


JAVIER ROULET - Piano and keyboards

JUAN JUNQUERAS - Electric, acousti and 12 string guitars and vocals

MIGUEL RIVERA LÓPEZ - Bass, guitars and keyboards

JUAN PABLO SOSA - Drums, flute and vocals


Guest musician:

DIMITRI SIMINOVICH - Soprano & contralto flutes




Natives of Patagonia (City of Bariloche, Province of Río Negro) but now based in Buenos Aires. This young band goes far beyond the Rock, in quartet format, since 2010, with literary influences and music of Rock bands of the 1960s and 1970s; Self-defined as that "makes music for a public endangered". It is currently composed of the founders Juan Junqueras (vocals and guitar) and Javier Roulet (piano and keyboards), with Miguel Rivera López (bass, occasionally brings acoustic guitar and keyboards) and Juan Pablo Sosa (vocals, drums, percussion and flute) .

Their new album “El cuento de las manos heladas” was released in mid-2016.

Mainly, its stylistic decision to deepen a particular decade that elapsed between the mid-sixties and seventies (1965-1975).




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