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  • Historias del Rock de acá - (1995)
  • Dioptría - (2001) Poetry
  • Sí a la inseguridad - (2003) Poetry
  • Pequeñas anécdotas del Rock de acá - (2004)
  • Buen viaje - (2005) Poetry
  • Dioptría - (2005) Poetry + Music CD
  • La voz de la conciencia - (2006) Poetry + Music CD
  • Tiburones - un viaje a Florida - (2006) Stories
  • Puño y letra - (2008) Poetry
  • Ida y vuelta a La Boca - (2008) Stories
  • Rock de acá - 1 - Los primeros años - (2009) - (2015)
  • Rock de acá - 2 - (2011)
  • Billy Bond y La Pesada del Rock and Roll - Cada día somos más - (2016)
  • Almendra - Figuración - (2017)
  • Manal - No hay tiempo de más - (2017)
  • Los Gatos - Beat Nº 1 - (2017)
  • Moris - Fiebre de vivir - (2017)
  • Miguel Abuelo - Himno de mi corazón - (2017)
  • Charly García - Inconsciente colectivo - (2018)



Ezequiel Ábalos

Writer, journalist and poet. He work in browdcasting since 1993. He started in “Rock & Pop” (1993-1995), went through FM “La Boca” and FM “Radioactiva” and since 1997 he has been in FM “La Tribu” 88.7 from monday to friday from 2pm to 4pm. He shares his 5 radio shows with Pipo Lernoud, Osvaldo Vigna, Tom Lupo, Eduardo Nocera, Javo Martínez and Luis Aranosky.

Rock Journalist, wrote two years “Music Expert” magazine and in the 12 issues of the second stage of “El Porteño” between 1999 and 2000.

He worked in the magazines “RTM El Porteño” and “Music Expert”, and participated in the programs "Rock & Sports" in América Sports, "Volver Rock" in Volver channel and “Quizás porqué” for Encuentro channel. It was also part of the “Mandioca, la madre de los chicos”series of programs in 2012.

He edited history books about Rock in Argentina“Historias del Rock de acá” (1995) Editora AC, “Pequeñas anécdotas del Rock de acá”, (2004) author edition and in 2009 “Rock de Acá - 1 - Los primeros años” - author edition, which includes a CD with 6 hours of interviews with the pioneers of Rock in Argentina.

Integra the UMI, Union of Independent Musicians, and edited three CDs of poetry. “Dioptría”, with music by Futbol (2005), “La voz de la conciencia” (2006) and “ ”, with music by Axel Krygier and bases of Pampas Eléctricas (2008).

It is part of the FLIA; And published four books of poetry, “Dioptría” (2001), “Sí a la inseguridad” (2003), “Buen viaje” (2005) and “Puño y letra” (2008) and two story books about his trips around the city of Buenos Aires, “Tiburones, un viaje a Florida” (2007) and “Ida y vuelta a La Boca” - (2008).

Write and edit a Rock collection here, with bands and soloists from the 70's: "Billy Bond y La Pesada del Rock and Roll - Cada día somos más" - (2016), "Almendra - Figuración" - (2017), "Manal - No hay tiempo de más" - (2017), “Los Gatos - Beat Nº 1” - (2017), “Moris - Fiebre de vivir” - (2017),  “Miguel Abuelo - Himno de mi corazón” - (2017) and “Charly García - Inconsciente colectivo” - (2018)




  • Rock de acá - 1 - Los primeros años - (2009) - (2015)


When everything was nothing, it was not the beginning, but the history of Rock is not born out of nowhere, it exists thanks to Jazz, Blues and Rock & roll and it would not be the same without the local Tango and Folklore.

This story begins long before "La Balsa", part of a new generation of inspired young people, born in the 1940s, who were connected with the cultural and political movements of the world and that changed the way of thinking of the argentines.

Between 1992 and 2015, Ezequiel Ábalos interviewed the pioneers of Rock from here to unravel the true origins of Rock in Argentina.

With Miguel Grinberg's prelude, this expanded reprint includes a CD with all of the book's interviews to 40 musicians and producers who were there.



  • Rock de acá - 2 - (2011)


Although it is the fourth book by Ezequiel Ábalos about the history of Rock in Argentina, it is the second in continuity with Rock from here - the first years - and resumes the story in the year 1970 to tell it through the story of the musicians Until the year 1975, taking into account the separation of Sui Generis and the advent of a new coup in the country.

For 20 years the author was accumulating notes and interviews for this research that proves itself through the MP3 CD that accompanies the book where the musicians recount their lived experiences and reflect on a country plunged into confrontations and political discrepancies and in where Rock was a refuge and a trench before repression and violence unleashed.




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