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  • Volumen I - (En la orilla del océano)  - (2012)
  • Volumen II - (Historias de viajeros) - (2014)
  • Volumen II - (Historias de viajeros) - LP vinilo (2014)



Members featured in the album

  • Volumen II - (Historias de viajeros) - (2014)



LISANDRO CASTILLO - Electric guitar and vocals





Güacho is a trio of La Plata and is formed by Hernán Torres, Lisandro Castillo and Joaquín Castillo - the last, brothers -. With works that carry a great cohesion with each other, the band has a particular style that frames Experimental-Psychedelic Rock, and Blues.

It all started at the end of 2010. Although the three members came from different projects, they started with meetings and intimate appointments, a little, and after the achievements good results in their meetings, everything was consolidated much more. With Lisandro on guitar, Joaquín on bass and Hernán on drums, towards the end of that year is a way to form and outline what would be a band with style and personal brand.

Güacho “Volumen I - (En la orilla del océano)” contains three songs, but sufficient to understand what the band is about. The album explores the somewhat experimental sound based on Psychedelic Rock Blues, and although the group is made up of no more than three people, it sounds a lot more, and its sound inspires us to remember great bands of the 70s such Pescado Rabioso, Pappo's Blues and Black Sabbath.

With this work the band offers their first cover letter, their first presentation, beyond the results shown so far and what they built throughout the previous work. The art is very innovative, being this disk - physically - a triangle that ends up becoming a pyramid once opened,

After this release, the three members immersed themselves in a tour of Europe presenting in what they were working. Making contacts from Argentina, speaking and planning, they came to the dream of many bands: to be able to show their art in other countries, where there are other cultures and customs.

In 2014 comes the “Volumen II - (Historias de viajeros)”, composed of 8 pieces of which stand out "Los Errantes" as a brief and environmental introduction, and the themes "“A Nadie” and “El Camino”  released a while back separately in the simple “Los Ojos”.

Like “Volumen I “, it follows the musical line of Heavy Blues but without being as experimental and improvised as the first, but there are longer lyrics and a more songbook format. This material is undoubtedly more polished than the first.

Maintaining the art style of the previously released material, which together with music invites us to imagine and go beyond from an artistic context, this album proposes lyrics and stories that we can notice its poetic and descriptive side, narrating different situations in all the cases but using the same nuances, being perhaps “El Hambre y La Sed” the strongest from the literary.

The album was officially presented on Friday, July 4, 2014 at “El Estudio” Bar with a big event.

In 2015, the band is fortunate to be able to make a trip again and come to visit several countries in Europe; Austria, Germany, Holland, France, Belgium and Spain, this being a tour a little bigger than the previous one. Living great experiences and being part of other cultures, during 30 days they played in different (seven) places next to other European local bands, in front of a very diverse public. In addition, due to the accessibility of production in Europe and thanks to two labels (one from Berlin and another from Austria), they could edit “Volumen II - (Historias de viajeros)” on Vinyl. This format of the work has another order in the songs and a new art. Undoubtedly, the group could live a very enriching experience and full of learning.

Currently the Güacho are back in La Plata and continue to generate and participate in presentations around.




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