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  • Spectro - (1974/79)  



Members featuring in the album

  • Spectro - (1974/79)  


AMYR CANTUSIO Jr.  - Keyboards, organ, drums, Moog II bass, orchestrations and vocals

DUPPERMEL Jr. - Zone and percussion


MARIO JORGE - Bass and chorus 




In the mid-1970s, Amyr Cantusio Jr., obtained his first semi-acoustic "Snake" guitar from his father. At that time he began to study piano and classical guitar, and also played drums in a group called Arka, formed by Clayton (guitar) and Marcos (bass).

They composed the theme "Libertade para os robos", which was in his first work "Mar de Cristal", 1985, with the name of Andromeda and the band was dissolved. In those days, he met a great pianist called Sombra and they made the song "Espectral", with which they won 1st place in the biggest Music Festival of the State of São Paulo at that time, the "Projeto Guarany". Itamar Assução and Johnny Alf also attended that Festival.

At a party in the city of Monte-Mor (São Paulo), he met Mário Jorge and Adilson Samuel, where they began to play a jam-session of almost 5 hours, thus being born Spectro.

Several subjects were composed between 1974 and 1979, and given the difficulties, they recorded only 5 songs that make up their album.

This was the best phase of his life, a wonderful time, where they had the pleasure of performing at a Festival at the "Concha Acústica" Theater of Campinas, together with Made in Brazil, Tutti-Frutti, Rock da Mortalha and Burmah (Argentina) . In this Festival they met an entrepreneur (friend of Mutantes), who invited them to record their first album for WEA ... Unfortunately this person died in a car accident before making the contract.

They participated in the "Club Cultura" Festival in Campinas and won again the 1st place with the song "Reverberes ao Spectro", leaving in 2nd place the group Rock da Mortalha. After this Festival, several presentations were made with the groups Tio Mellius (Campinas) and Rock da Mortalha (São Paulo); taking advantage to leave cordial hugs with Gustavo Rebuá (Tio Mellius) and Lola Lótus (Rock da Mortalha).

With regard to the recording, João R. Cortez is thanked for the patience and his meticulous rescue of the work that was lost in time and that was quite spoiled in an old tape, being a true miracle of the technology that has been could rescue.




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